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We are living in a time when energy consumption and preserving resources is a crucial part of everyone’s lives. Matalco Inc. recognizes the need to ensure we are doing our part to protect the Earth for future generations by providing high quality, affordable options to customers seeking a lower overall carbon footprint for their supply chain and is a champion in the field with its Low Carbon Leaders (LOCAL) initiative.

Matalco is excited that there is a growing trend in the aluminum end-use markets (most notably in the automotive industry) to prioritize carbon footprint reductions when making supply decisions. In fact, in some cases, carbon footprint is influencing material source decisions by end users!

Low Carbon Processes

Matalco is proud to have achieved one of the lowest carbon footprints for aluminum billet and rolling slab production, with its billet and slab produced at one eighth of the carbon footprint of most primary products – and less than half of the footprint for hydro-powered primary production.

Aluminum Logs

Matalco partnered with Sphera to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment, comparing its own energy usage and waste footprint to that of both fossil fuel and hydro powered primary aluminum suppliers. LOCAL represents Matalco’s commitment to having a low carbon footprint and doing our part to protect the environment.