Get to Know Matalco

Get to know Matalco

Founded in 2005, Matalco has built a reputation as one of North America’s fastest growing and leading producers of high-quality aluminum billet and slab. In fact, Matalco is one of North America’s largest secondary aluminum billet producers. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, we have seven state-of-the-art remelting and casting facilities which serve most of North America’s leading and most respected producers of extruded, forged, and rolled products. Matalco is one of Canada’s “Best Managed Companies” and is a Platinum Member.

Our Standards

Matalco utilizes the most modern and efficient equipment available in the world to produce the highest-quality products with the most sustainable manufacturing processes available. We have incorporated the latest advances in remelting, grain refinement, degassing, filtering, casting, tooling, handling, homogenization, cutting, and packaging into our products. Matalco is the leading authority on aluminum billet and ingot, as well as an innovative corporation that is paving the way in establishing best practices in the industry. We have a remarkably low impact on the environment with low-carbon emissions and a smaller carbon footprint than other producers.

As a commitment to our future – and that of the industries we serve – Matalco, along with our sister company Giampaolo Investments Limited, had commissioned a $70 million community investment to renovate a brownfield site in Franklin, Kentucky into a new state-of-the-art re-melting and casting facility. This plant is capable of producing more than 390 million pounds of high-quality slab per year when in full operation.

Workers with Hard Hats

Our Facilities

The Franklin, Kentucky plant combined with our six existing facilities will produce more than 1.96 billion pounds of recycled aluminum annually.

In conjunction with our partner, Triple M Metal LP (one of North America’s largest recyclers and processors of ferrous and non-ferrous metals), Matalco ensures our customers have access to a stable and ready supply of products. Matalco is dedicated to providing our customers with superior products and unmatched service in the industry, driving ourselves to meet and exceed all standards.

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