Matalco Inc. - Canadian aluminum remelt plant - Brampton, Ontario

The Giampaolo Group

The Giampaolo Group of Companies is North America’s principal fully integrated metal management company. The Group includes complementary businesses featuring Triple M Metal LP, one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling and processing companies in North America; Matalco Inc., North America’s largest aluminum remelter and producer of high-quality homogenized 6000 series aluminum billets and logs for the aluminum extrusion and forging manufacturing industries; Venture Steel Inc., a steel service business; and Quantum Lifecycle, a recycler of electronic waste.

Triple M Metal LP was established over 40 years ago by Mike Giampaolo who continues to serve as Chairman and is the principal shareholder of Triple M Metal LP. From very modest beginnings, Triple M Metal LP has grown to be North America’s leading metal recycling and processing company with operations in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The company acquires scrap from a variety of sources, including its network of public scrap recycling yards, processes and markets the material worldwide.
Matalco Inc. is a leading producer of 6000 series high-grade aluminum billet manufactured primarily from scrap aluminum. Matalco Inc. has three plants strategically located in Brampton, Ontario, Canton, Ohio, and Lordstown, Ohio to serve its North American customers, with an eventual combined annual capacity to produce over 700 million pounds of high-quality billet for sale to the extrusion and forging industries.
Venture Steel Inc. is a growth oriented processor and distributor of metal with a distinct focus on flat rolled steel products. Venture Steel Inc. operates four processing facilities in North America where they supply carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum to the automotive, construction, general manufacturing and commercial markets.
Quantum Lifecycle is committed to responsibly managing the consequences of the electronic age, providing the means for safe reuse and recycling of electronic waste. As a leader in managing the complete lifecycle of IT assets, they assist companies in data secure refurbishing, asset remarketing and maximum return on their investments with end of life recycling. Quantum’s target – zero landfill.


Matalco Inc. - Canadian aluminum remelt plant - Brampton, Ontario Matalco Inc. - Canadian aluminum remelt plant - Brampton, Ontario